A Reason To Write

As much as I hate reading riddles or metaphorical writings, my writing will always end up being ones. That’s why I stopped writing here for two years, moving on to do something else beside this.

To be blunt, it’s not about my writing style or anything, speaking my mind in public blog space becomes difficult somehow.

I know, nobody is reading…

But maybe, I am just a shallow person who does not have too many layers enough to share some of my human sides to the world. I’ve always wanted to share something, but there will always be someones I know that they come here and read these blog posts. To be fair, I don’t want them to know what’s going on my mind.

There are many things I can write beside my personal issues such as photography and so on, but if it doesn’t sound good to me, so to you.

Making Youtube videos alway entices me. But, I still cannot imagine who is going to be my audiences. It’s too broad to focus, as there are too many good photography channels out there. Creators are also dying from waves of demonetization on that site, I strongly disagree on this decision. Youtube is sucking up to the big name too hard that it is harder for new creators to breath and start something there.

Well that’s going out off topic, see you in the next post.

If there is any reason to write…



Published by SketchBin

You can call him Sketch. He is trying to blog as frequent as he can.

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